Still Life



A study of light and shadow. I made it black and white for drama and contrast. This one took hours (and days and months) to create.

The wood of the table is an image map, using a real photograph of wood grain, applied across the object. It’s hard to see, but the floor is also wood.

The glass of water uses two different indices of refraction, one for the glass, and one for the water in it. The glass bowl uses the same as the glass. It’s defined using a lathe (see the golf tee), as is the lamp base. The combination of refraction and the bowl’s shape made this small part as slow to render as the whole rest of the scene.

The lampshade is a hollow cone, with texture and a slight transparency. You can see this on the wall beside it. I put wires in the top and bottom edges, and supports going down from the top to the lamp base, inside. The light bulb is the only light source in the room.

The paper pad is simply a couple boxes with an image of notebook paper on top. The pencil is a hexagonal prism, with a cone at one end and some cylinders at the other.

The clock is a torus (donut) with a cylinder for the face. The time is accurate to when I started the final render of the image.

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