desires / needs

About a year ago, I went and traded my beast of a Suburban in at the car dealer, for a Honda Civic. That was a big change, but a welcome one. I really like the civic. She’s a good car, reliable, cheap to run, and kinda fun to drive.

Sometimes, though, I get to thinking. That’s a dangerous thing to do, you know. I start thinking of all the other choices I could have made, instead of the one I did. What if I had that Camaro, or that [fill in car name]? What could I do to this car to make it more like [fill in car name]? I start getting dissatisfied with what I have.

That is a dangerous thing. Dissatisfaction can have amazing results, and that’s not a positive amazing of which I speak. I start to get jealous of others, who have more than I do, or better than I do. I start wishing, and then I am not happy.

Why should I not be happy? What is there in my life that is not enough? I have a job. I have a car. I have a place to live. I have money to afford those things, and food, and a little left over to enjoy. I have the most amazing wife. Why should I not be happy and content with my life?

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