soccer & cold

Last night was the intramural soccer finals. Both my wife’s team and my old floor’s team were playing. With both of those, I had to be there. The guys played first, for the semifinals. They won that, so they had the final game a bit later.

While they were waiting, the girls had their final game. It was a disaster, if you were on the other team. They walked away with it, 7-1. My wife scored 4 of those 7 goals.

The guys came back and played their final, against the apartment men. I suppose I should have been cheering for the apartments, seeing as I live there, but I just can’t do that. I have to be behind my boys, my ex-roommate and all. It was a hard, fast game, and both teams played a good game. The apartments took it, but it was a hard fight for them.

While that was going on, I was standing there, freezing my [random body part] off. It was COLD. I really wished I was out there on the field running to keep warm. After the game, we all headed back to the Tyler lounge for food and a good hang-out time. It was good to be with the guys again.

2 Responses to “soccer & cold”

  1. Bettina Says:

    Tell Gwen congrats!

  2. Tom Says:

    Hooray for hanging out with the guys.