Mountain Range

And at a frenzied pace, he creates more art! The onlookers are amazed.



Well, maybe not that amazed. There is more art to see. I have a long list of ideas I’ve been gathering for a while, and now I’m doing them. These are definitely an expression of ME. The patterns, the convoluted shapes, the light and shadow… These are things that fascinate me. I find myself sometimes just thinking about a mathmatical sequence, or more often, a pattern or shape. My wife’s grandfather (grandfather-in-law?) always tells anyone he meets about the methods used to create the drinking glass, or whatever, in their hand. He has worked in a machine shop making the tools and molds that make these. It’s a different way to see the world: How did they make that? How can I make that?

Anyway, this is a bunch of chopped-off cones, wandering in a random pattern. There is a focal blur on the camera, and as you can see, the horizon is tilted. This is done by tilting the camera, so the scene is still actually level. It’s kind of like flying in a plane.

2 Responses to “Mountain Range”

  1. gwen Says:

    I’M amazed!! I love you… :)

  2. Felix B. Jonah Says:

    Please where can I buy a video or book that teaches making molds for drinking Glasses or better still where can I buy molds for making drinking glasses or glass containers. Thank you very much.

    Felix. 5/29/03