Well, hello there!

Got a phone call Friday night, from Gwen’s parents. They said we would be having some visitors from Ohio the next day. That’s all we knew.

It turns out, they were the visitors. They randomly decided to come visit us. Saturday afternoon, they showed up, and stayed the weekend. They left after lunch Monday.

It was good to see them. It made my controlled, organized life into chaos for a couple days, but it was good, and a fun time, in addition. We ate at CiCi’s, which, for some strange reason, I seem to have forgotten about recently. Played some games last night, had the experience of almost winning.

Those of you on Spring Break: enjoy, while I’m at work.

2 Responses to “Well, hello there!”

  1. Gwen Says:

    Ok, so it WAS chaos… but kinda fun for a change.

    Sorry you have to work… :( Guess that’s what happens when you become a wonderful hard working provider for your wife- I bet she’s proud of you! (I AM VERY PROUD OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    I love you…..

  2. zip code Says:

    What’s wrong with your blog?