making login easier

I’ve been annoyed by this one thing in Movable Type for a while. The login screen doesn’t automatically go the the username entry space. This means I have to move my mouse over there, click, and then type in my name and password. (big hassle, for sure!) It’s an easy modification to perform, though.

In the MT install directory (on the website, of course), find the file /tmpl/cms/login.tmpl. Make these changes to it:

On the line after <TMPL_ELSE>, add
onload=”document.forms[’loginform’].username.focus()” to the body tag.

Where it has: <form method=”post” action=”<TMPL_VAR NAME=SCRIPT_URL>” >,
add name=”loginform”

Now, when I go to my Movable Type login page, it goes straight to the user field, and I can spare myself the half-second of effort the mouse-click required. The geek in me is happy.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    hee hee… :)