A place to live

We have a home!

At the end of next week, we run out of time at the LeTourneau apartments. They are the married student apartments. As of tomorrow, neither of us will be students any more… so no more apartment.

It took a few days to get the approval for our application at the new place. The LeTourneau folks, being a good university, were taking time off for the summer. Thus, it was a wait for anything to happen, including the new apartment people’s background check. That minor gripe aside, there is a new home waiting for us next week.

Now we just have to pack and move… sigh

3 Responses to “A place to live”

  1. Gwen Says:

    YIPPIE! We are no longer students as of tomorrow! :) :) :) AND we get to move into a beautiful, huge apartment. Talk about a good deal! :)

  2. pickettb Says:

    Probably costs a bit more than the LU apartment :D but how exciting!

  3. tLB Says:

    So where have you moved to?