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spam VI

Tuesday, August 26th, 2003

In the wake of recent virus attacks, everybody is jumpy. I spent a couple days at work last week cleaning up a virus/worm. It wasn’t the big one everyone was worried about, but it made a mess here. It replicated itself through network shares, which put it everywhere on our office network. […]

clueless sales guy

Monday, August 25th, 2003

A power adaptor for one of our network switches went out the other night. I spent most of the next day trying to find a replacement. It seems that nobody makes or sells a 5VDC, 5A power adaptor. We ended up making an emergency trip to the store and buying a new […]


Monday, August 18th, 2003

Strange dream last night:
The exact scene is unclear, as usual in dreams. I was trying to put together a replica of an apparently famous stained-glass window. It was going well - I had all the pieces in except for one. That one, of course, was top-center, a keystone-critical sort of thing. […]

this week at work

Friday, August 15th, 2003

It’s been a slow week at work. No major emergencies happened. Nothing blew up, or broke down, or puffed out smoke. Several people have been away, lending a quiet atmosphere to the place. There have been the usual general computer issues:

Windows 98 BSOD
“what was my password again?
“please put x-program on my […]


Tuesday, August 12th, 2003

Here is YAR on this site. I took the original Movable Type templates and worked from the ground up. The old ones had been trimmed and trimmed and cleaned up - the result being a lack of features for me in designing the new ones.
Among the new features:

New look (obvious)
Search function […]


Thursday, August 7th, 2003

Hey everyone! I’m married to a teacher!
My lovely wife, Gwen, is now a teacher. She’s been approved to teach at Longview Christian School, in 2nd grade. She had the big interview with the school board Tuesday evening, and was told yesterday that they liked her. Now it’s time to […]


Tuesday, August 5th, 2003

The galaxy was a true challenge for my computer. A real galaxy has somewhere around 100 billion stars. I can’t afford enough memory to generate that kind of picture. This image was a make-do with 100,000 stars in the galaxy. A fog cloud helps fill out the swirl of stars. The […]

Apple labels

Monday, August 4th, 2003

You know those price labels that are sliced, so you can’t take them apart without them coming to pieces? Now they’re putting them on apples. That’s right - the Braeburn label on my apple this morning came off in about 7 pieces. Sure, put those labels on cans and boxes, that’s fine, […]