Hey everyone! I’m married to a teacher!

My lovely wife, Gwen, is now a teacher. She’s been approved to teach at Longview Christian School, in 2nd grade. She had the big interview with the school board Tuesday evening, and was told yesterday that they liked her. Now it’s time to clean, sort out, decorate, organize, and arrange the room, and prepare lessons with the new curriculum. School starts in only a couple weeks, so time is short.

Please be praying for wisdom and peace as she gets everything ready.

5 Responses to “Teacher!”

  1. pickettb Says:

    Grats to Gwen!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Amen to that! Wisdom and peace would be wonderful right about now. :) Glad I’ve got God on my side and a wonderful supportive husband!

  3. someguy Says:

    Coolness. I know some of the Jr. Highers that go to LCS. :) If they give you any trouble let me know….

  4. Dickens Says:

    Glad to hear God is blessing you both.

  5. Andrew McGuckin Says:


    My name is Andrew McGuckin and my wife is a 2nd grade teacher as well. Congrats to your wife.

    Andrew Scott McGuckin