clueless sales guy

A power adaptor for one of our network switches went out the other night. I spent most of the next day trying to find a replacement. It seems that nobody makes or sells a 5VDC, 5A power adaptor. We ended up making an emergency trip to the store and buying a new switch, with its new power supply included. Before that, though, I made a call to a certain supplier that I thought might have the unit. Wrong. Or at least, the guy I talked to didn’t know it if they did. It went something like this:

Me: I need a 5V 5A power adaptor.
Him: (flipping through catalog) A power adaptor?
Me: It plugs into the wall, has a block thing in the middle, and puts out 5 volts on the other end.
Him: (flipping through catalog) I’ve got an AC-DC bridge rectifier. It says it converts AC to DC…
Me: I’m sure there’s one of those in it, but that’s not what I need.
Him: (flipping through catalog) Ground Fault Circuit Interrupt?
Me: No. (GFCI is that thing they put on hair driers to help you not electrocute yourself when you’re stupid and use it in the shower)
Him: (flipping through catalog) Here’s a surge protector.
Me: Still not it.
Him: (flipping through catalog) Ok, here we go. Power adaptor, input 120VAC, output 13.8VDC.
Me: That’s close! I need one of those, but with 5V output.
Him: (flipping through catalog) Input 12VDC, output 120VAC, 200W…
Me: I think I’ll keep looking around for it. Thanks for your time.

He was clueless! He didn’t have a clue what it was I wanted, and he didn’t have a clue what these things in the catalog were. I don’t know how he ever got a job answering the phone at that place. Maybe he usually mops the floors, and was filling in for someone who was sick.

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