spam VII

Craziest spam subject I’ve seen yet: Get 1 Acre on the Moon for 29.99

The from field simply said “Lunar”.


3 Responses to “spam VII”

  1. pickettb Says:

    boy, that *is* a new one. I seem to only get penis enlargement spam, with the occasional “lose 20 pounds” one thrown in.

  2. Tom Says:

    I heard about that on the radio. This guy claimed the moon like miners used to claim land. He parceled it out, drew up deeds, and is now selling plots over the internet to anyone who is interested in owning a piece of the moon.

  3. someguy Says:

    All I gotta say is, if I get there first I’m gonna claim for myself whatever land I want… kinda the “if you get up from your seat, you lose your seat” priciple- I don’t see you guarding your plot (or developing, or doing anything for that matter) on the moon, so I’ll assume you don’t want it anymore.