Copper pipes against a metal wall.

The wall was painted green, but has now rusted and deteriorated. The sheets of roofing were once all aligned and straight. This place has been neglected for some time now.

The pipes are no longer shiny copper, but are more of a brown color - but so far only turning green in small spots.

The lights are still there, above. The fluorescent tubes are doing what they do best - put out a harsh, flickering light.

The pipes are a combination of cylinders and tori (donuts). The slanted pieces are generated vertically, then rotated, so I can use the same lengthwise texture pattern on all of them.

The sheets of roofing on the wall are made by blobbing a group of cylinders together. This makes the appropriate up-and-down shape. They are then trimmed, to take out the bumpy and rounded edges, due to the blob. After all that, they are copied, moved, and shuffled around randomly. The shuffling makes the edges not line up, and puts the gaps between the top and lower rows.

The lights above are “area lights”, that give a diffused shadow. This also more than quadruples the render time, but the effect is worth it.

A little camera blur (also slow), and it’s perfect!

2 Responses to “Pipes”

  1. gwen Says:

    nice work.

  2. someguy Says:

    yeah… the blur is messing with ym head, my eyes keep on trying to refocus on it.. not exactly sure why.