This is a clear allegory of something. Maybe it’s the pursuit of freedom, that always seems to escape. Maybe it’s death and resurrection, a light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel kind of thing. Maybe it’s just a cool butterfly in a very non-organic setting, a contrast between natural and manufactured. Does that work, with a butterfly that looks like this? Or is it just as artificial as the walls? I’m open to suggestions about its meaning.

As always, this image is created in POV-Ray. Here’s how…

There are four walls (obviously). Each one is a collection of blocks. Starting in the foreground, they are all the same size. As they move farther away, the size is more and more randomized, until it’s just chaos. Extending the tunnel another 50 blocks or so (it’s currently 300 deep) would completely close off the opening, due to the randomness of the blocks.

There is a light just at the end of the tunnel, that makes a slight “glow” around that area. There is another light near the camera, that falls off into darkness in the tunnel.

The butterfly is complex. It makes a smooth shape, but the construction is intricate. The wings are essentially a graph of a polar function. Take a standard graph of a function, that looks like an upside-down W, or an M. Use the height of that function as a radius, as you rotate around the center-point. As you rotate, make cylinders that reach out to that radius at each point. The high points in the M are the tips of the wings, and the low points are close to the body. This is mirrored to make wings on both sides.

The body is a simple sphere for the head, and an elongated sphere for the body. All of these (body, head, wings) are “blobbed” together, to smooth the joints. It is then made mostly transparent (75%), and reflective. Notice the slight shadow it casts on the floor of the tunnel.

2 Responses to “Exit”

  1. dunny Says:

    You know he found the cure, you know he went astray…

  2. Andrew Says:

    From U2’s “Exit”. I don’t know if I had ever heard that line before, it’s so quiet at the beginning of the song. Thanks for enlightening me.