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Wednesday, October 29th, 2003


Technical description:
The dice are made from an “intersection” of a sphere and a square. This includes only the parts that are enclosed by both the shapes. You can see the result here. The dots are smaller “M&M” shapes, cut into the faces and colored black.
The dice are all copies of the same […]


Tuesday, October 21st, 2003

This inexpensive cheap wireless optical mouse is starting to get on my nerves.

Almost always, when I leave it, it sits there and jiggles the pointer back and forth.
I don’t know if this is a normal thing, but I have to click one of the buttons before I can make it move, after leaving it for […]

house for sale

Thursday, October 16th, 2003

Idly browsing local classifieds, found this:
3/2 Double-Wide (approx 1600 sq.ft.) Stone fireplace, huge living room. $34,000 or best offer. Call Bubba at work: ***-***-****
Bubba… double-wide… of course…

visiting the folks

Thursday, October 16th, 2003

Gonna be out of town this weekend. My parents will be heading off to PNG the next weekend. They’ll be gone for six months this time. The translation work has been going amazingly well, so I’m hoping for more good progress this time.
Gwen’s folks are making plans to make the same trip […]

new equipment

Tuesday, October 7th, 2003

We got some new equipment at work. First, five new computers. I set them up, installing windows and various sundries. Now, I’m working on the computers that came out of those offices, prepping them for the next level down.
Note: I hate modems. I also hate Winfax. It doesn’t like non-hardware-controlled […]