new equipment

We got some new equipment at work. First, five new computers. I set them up, installing windows and various sundries. Now, I’m working on the computers that came out of those offices, prepping them for the next level down.

Note: I hate modems. I also hate Winfax. It doesn’t like non-hardware-controlled modems (most modems out there now). It is incompatible with various other software (like certain Kodak digital camera drivers). It’s a real pain to work with. Trouble is, it’s the best computer-based fax option available.

We also got a pair of new Canon printer/copier/everythings. They’re huge, heavy, complex, and do amazing things. With them, we can reduce the “print, make plate, run through printing press” process to simply “print”. They print in color, too! It’s taking a little while to work out some kinks in the system, but it’s mainly working now. Cool machines!

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  1. gwen Says:

    Sounds busy…. I bet they’re glad they have you to work for them! :)