Unique 800×600

Technical description:
The dice are made from an “intersection” of a sphere and a square. This includes only the parts that are enclosed by both the shapes. You can see the result here. The dots are smaller “M&M” shapes, cut into the faces and colored black.

The dice are all copies of the same single model, tumbled around and scattered. The one is modified to be green, transparent, and to refract light. The light is a “area light” that gives soft shadows. This also more than doubles the render time. The focal blur on the camera fills out the effect. It is, of course, focused on the green die.

Render time: ~6 hours.

3 Responses to “Unique”

  1. Richard Says:

    Very cool. I like it.

  2. Chris Muir Says:

    Like the dice.Though I prefer Apple ,the Microsoft Optical mouse seems to work very well indeed.

    And, thanks for the link, Andrew!

  3. Tom Says:

    Not too shabby.