It was inevitable. After the TV movie about the DC Sniper, we get Jessica Lynch, the movie. I hear rumors of a movie about Elizabeth Smart’s kidnapping.

It was also inevitable that the movie would be inaccurate. The story was doctored to make it more exciting. Jessica Lynch doesn’t like it. There’s a big surprise.

This gives some insight into the type of news we hear from Iraq. People getting on with daily life isn’t exciting. People relaxing after years of fear - that’s a good 2-minute movie conclusion, at the end of a wild fight that was uncertain the whole way through. Ongoing trouble with rebel remnants gives the picture this sort of flavor.

The news people know what they’re doing. It’s the same thing these movie-makers are doing. They’re catering to the audience. The audience wants to be entertained. It’s “willing suspension of disbelief” for the sake of escape. That’s why we go see movies. They allow us to get past our own lives and vicariously live someone else’s for a while. That someone usually has a more exciting life than we do.

I’d like more balanced coverage, sure. But, in absence of that, I’ll take what’s given, just with a shakerful of salt.

2 Responses to “entertainment”

  1. Richard Says:

    Completely unrelated to this thread, but I only just noticed the PNG art in the background and the headings. I like it a lot… has it always been there?

  2. Andrew Says:

    Just put it in the other day. I borrowed it from my parents’ latest newsletter.