identity crisis 800×600

Identity Crisis! A stack of dice is an imposter on the chessboard. Or is it the pawn who’s pretending?

The dice are taken from the previous dice image. I just stacked them up.

The pawn is done using a “lathe” object, by defining a curve and rotating it around the central point. The idea is similar to turned table or chair legs.

The textures on the table, the wall, and the chessboard are all image maps. I took or found pictures of appropriate textures. For example, the wood for the table and chessboard are from a hardwood supplier’s website. There are three different wood images each for for the dark and the light squares. These are also sometimes flipped, making a total of six different images for each color.

The shadows were a real trick. First, there is one shadowless light to fill the scene. There is another one, more like a spotlight, to light up the pawn and dice. There is another spotlight, shining only through the pawn and dice, to cancel the real shadows. There is yet another one that casts shadows from an invisible pawn and dice. Of course, these are in the opposite positions from the real ones.

Render time (1280×1024): 6 minutes 30 seconds

2 Responses to “Identity”

  1. gwen Says:

    All I can say is “Wow! You amaze me.” :)

  2. ted Says:

    Excellent art pieces–what programs did you build them in?