In response to tLB.

States I have been to:
andrew states

States Gwen has been to:
gwen states

States we have been to together (since the wedding):
together states

I seem to be well-travelled within this country, but not so much outside. I’ve been to a lot of Europe, but several continents are missing in my list. Ones like Hong Kong and Singapore are on that list, but are so small they don’t show up on the map.

Countries I have been to:
andrew countries

Countries Gwen has been to:
gwen countries

It’s not worth putting the countries we’ve been to together. That grand total is TWO, the US and Canada.

2 Responses to “travels”

  1. pickettb Says:

    That’s so neat that you 2 have traveled together to so many places :)

  2. stuart Says:

    I’m seeing a definite lack of North Dakota lovin’.