It’s been exactly one month since I was fired, and I have rejoined the ranks of the employed. I’ll be working as a programmer at EDP. The main focus of the company is database systems for school districts. I’ll be in the financial division, on the part of the system that does budget and expense tracking.

I interviewed on Friday, with two of the programmers there. I had interviewed for a position there last summer, and was passed over for someone with more experience. (being just out of college, and fixing computers since then - I don’t have much experience for a programmer) This time, they remembered me and seemed glad I had come back. We talked, more like chatted than interviewed, and I went away.

I was out Wednesday afternoon, and on coming back, I found a message on the machine. It was the VP of the company, asking if I could come in and “chat”. First thing the next morning, I called him back, and within an hour, I was “chatting” with him. After hearing the company’s history and future plans, he started talking about salary and benefits. It was only then that I realized they were offering me the position. We came to an agreement, and signed a letter with the numbers on it.

I’ll be starting on the 16th. I’m excited. This job looks like what I’ve really wanted all along.

God is faithful to provide, and now I’m in a better place than I was before being fired. He knows what’s best.

5 Responses to “hired!”

  1. Rich D Says:

    excellent news, Andrew. Congratulations.

  2. eliot Says:


  3. gwen Says:

    I’m proud of you, you deserve this job. God is so good!

  4. Papamama bilong Andrew Says:

    Excellent news. God IS good - all the time!

  5. yose Says:

    Hooray! What a wonderful answer to prayer. Hope it proves to be all you expect.