It’s been a week and a bit now. I’m settling into the routine of being a working man again. Overall, my impressions are good. I think I’ll like being here. The people are good, the environment is positive, the work is interesting and challenging. The company values its people as assets to the company.

The work is, well, overwhelming. The main issue is that I don’t know the system or the programming language. The data layout is large and complicated as well. I spent the first week in training, getting an overview of using the product. Now, I’m working on figuring out how it works, and then I’ll be able to modify/fix how it works.

For now, my “office” is the corner of a room right by the door. Our department will be moving in a couple weeks, and then I’ll actually have an office. We’ll be in the downtown office, in the large, tall building. It’ll be fun to play businessman.

2 Responses to “working”

  1. gwen Says:

    I’m glad you like your job…

  2. Chris Muir Says:

    Hey, great! Good to hear you’re up & runnin’!