I now have an office! I have a desk, a chair, an phone, a file cabinet, and various other officey things. I have a view out the window from the third floor of a large building downtown.

I share the office with two others, but it’s not a problem. They’re great guys, and have been helping me along as I try to figure things out around here. The office is large enough not to feel cramped, which is aided even more by the windows. I have my own phone extension, which will likely be largely unused. I have a desk with a corner piece and a straight piece to the side. It has cabinets above for hiding goodies. Above all, I have a Swingline stapler, although this one is black.

I like having a window. It helps to have a touch of the outside world, something real to see. I can see the weather, and I can see the angle of the shadows. Time seems to pass more properly when there’s a window. I get to see and hear trains go by at frequent but irregular intervals. I get to watch the copper roof of First Baptist slowly turn green. It’s like watching paint dry, only slower.

Thursday and Friday were a bit of work, moving stuff across town. My personal part of the stuff was minimal, but I helped some move who had been rooted in that place a dozen years. Needless to say, that was more of a chore!

I think I like it here.

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  1. Rich D Says:

    Ah, but have you asked about their policy about having mp3s on their hard disk space?