casual Friday

Friday is “casual” day. In this place, that means jeans are acceptable. The rest of the week, they are not. Even today, at least a polo shirt is required.

I’ve heard some of my co-workers wishing it were not so. They would rather be wearing jeans all the time. If there was no restriction, I might do that myself. The truth is, though, I really don’t mind dressing up. It makes me feel good, makes me look good, and makes my work better. I feel like I’m worth something, and like I matter. I take myself more seriously.

In light of that, I’d have to say I’m in favor of dress codes at work. It can go too far, and be too restrictive, but within reason, it is a good thing. The environment at work is more professional. People will get more done. As a business manager or owner, that is a good thing.

Today, however, I’m wearing jeans.

One Response to “casual Friday”

  1. eliot Says:

    I just went shopping for my new work wardrobe…my glorious days of t-shirts and jeans is near an end. How sad.