more political

I got another call asking who I would vote for, this time Friday evening.

The election tomorrow is a run-off, since neither Louie Gohmert nor John Graves gathered the required 50% of the votes. They were the top two among several candidates. By having a run-off election with just the two of them, a 50%+ winner is guaranteed.

In that previous election, the official count showed that less than 10% of Longview’s registered voters actually voted. That would explain their interest in me. When you reduce 73,000 down to 7,300, a single vote is much more important.

3 Responses to “more political”

  1. the Limey Brit Says:

    Was this poll conducted by John Graves’ camp this time?

  2. Andrew Says:

    This time they did not say. The conversation lasted a whole 20 seconds:

    “In the upcoming election on Tuesday, do you plan to vote for John Graves or Louie Gohmert?”

    I gave my answer.

    “Thank you, sir.”

  3. pickettb Says:

    10% is typical for a non-presidential election. I worked in elections briefly in high school and was utterly shocked; especially knowing how many people are not even registered to vote! Just a few votes did make a difference in several of the local races. I remember in particular that one school district did not recieve their maintenance budget because of ONE VOTE.