tame the beast!

Ok, so I’m an obsessive geek. I have this keyboard set at work. It’s great. I love the mouse, love the action on the keyboard, love the split-style keyboard… It’s great, except for…

The function keys!

The function keys have extra fanciness built into them. F1 is “help”, F2 is “undo”, F5 is “open”. They all have an extra function to them. There is this F Lock key beside F12, and it toggles between the F-key mode and the extra mode. It’s not so bad, just press F Lock, and you’re good to go.

The problem is, it defaults to extra mode every time the computer is restarted. I’ll be working away and hit F5 to refresh, and it gives me the “open” dialog box. Arrrgh! not what I wanted. Press F Lock, then press F5, and I get refresh. If it remembered its state, like Num Lock does, it would be fine. It doesn’t, and there is no setting in the IntelliType software to change that.

Thank you, Jason Tsang, for your registry hack. It did the trick.

One Response to “tame the beast!”

  1. pickettb Says:

    That is kinda funny that it doesn’t remember the setting. Also kinda funny that they would program the “extra fanciness” in the first place :) I have the MS natural keyboard (not wireless, and it doesn’t have the extra functionality.