This is the sign I see as I enter the parking garage every morning. It took me a good three months to really stop and read it, and see the wording. Shows how observant we are with things we see every day…

park assigned in spaces only

2 Responses to “sign”

  1. Rich D Says:

    It is incredible that stuff like this happens.

    A friend of mine recently realised that two letters on his car
    registration plate were in the wrong order. Turns out that the guy at the car
    dealership who’s job is to make the the plates is… you guessed it… dislexic.

  2. Sarah Jo Says:

    Hey Randrew,
    I hope you don’t mind me posting. I just read your post for April 7th and found it really helpful. My parents believe the same as your friend: that the KJV is the only inspired version. Growing up, I went to a church that actually had other translations on display with a sword going through them, and called them “perversions”, isn’t thta incredible? So anyhow, it was a good post to read, and articulated well some of the thoughts that I try to get my parents to see. Tell Gwen hello for me please, I miss her.