it’s been a while

I’ve been busy.

First, we bought a house. It has been more work than anticipated, and I’ve been keeping busy fixing it up. It’s a nice house, or rather, will be when it’s finished. Right now, that looks to be a long time off.

house from the street

Second, work has been busy. The company is refocusing on its core products. A new project team has been created to facilitate this, and I’m in that team. This means moving offices, learning a new project, and learning a new development system (.Net). I feel like a fish out of water sometimes.

Third, we have been visiting the doctor. He used his doctor-magic to show us a picture:

7 Responses to “it’s been a while”

  1. Bettina Says:

    OH CONGRATULATIONS!!! What a cutie already! :)

  2. Sarah Jo Steffens Says:

    GMcG is pregnant!!!!!! Oh my gosh!! Can you tell her to e-mail me?
    way to go!! Can I tell everyone? huh? :)

  3. Rich D Says:

    Wow, mate, congratulations to you both!!

  4. Bettina Says:

    Wanted to say, if G wants to go drug-free, I recommend Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way.
    Although the author has her biases, the info on labor is indespensible.

  5. The Bassetts Says:

    Congratumalations!!! Too bad we’re not still neighbors… Gwen and Bethany could be sick together. :)

  6. Stu Says:


  7. Caleb Says:

    Congratulations on both the house and the baby-in-oven. Not having any experience with either situation, I’ll give no advice, but just wish you the best.