It’s a Girl!

She’s here! Labor was quick, and everything went well. Mom and baby are home now, and none of us are sleeping much. :)

All the good stuff, with pictures, over at her page.

5 Responses to “It’s a Girl!”

  1. The People Says:

    The people appreciate the pix, and they showed them to their teacher friends, who concur with the cuteness precedent established…

  2. Bethany B Says:

    Super congratulations! I know I’m biased, but little girls are the best. :)

  3. Dan B. Says:

    Apparently my wife beat me to it…but many congratulations to you
    …enjoy =D

  4. Pickettb Says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! you will love parenthood :) Enjoy her at all ages, but they really start to become little people about 5-6 months. Clayton is now 7 months and he’s a blast!

    BTW, we have the exact same carseat. Except pickettc has already grown out of it and we had to buy another cause they can’t be forward facing until 1 year old! (he started life at 8 lbs, 2oz, tho)

  5. Hoppings Says:

    :) Congratulations!!!!!