big and strong

Lilia just got back from her first doctor visit. She’s two weeks old. From her birth measurements of 6lb 9oz and 18 inches, she’s up to 6lb 15oz and 21 inches! Maybe she’ll be like her old man after all! She’s healthy and feisty.

5 Responses to “big and strong”

  1. PaleMelanesian Says:

    I agree that she’s healthy and feisty (especially at night)! :) What a blessing she is to us though. -posted from her mom

  2. yose Says:

    Hooray, Praise the Lord!

    I get to see the blessing in two days!

    You guys should put some more photos up on her page (in all of your spare time).

  3. Sarah Jo Says:

    she is beautiful…as is her name :) wish i could hold her, but i’m so happy for you both. love and miss you (especially Gwen…no offense Andrew ;)

  4. Andrew Mcguckin Says:

    i have the same name as you!!! i thought i send a comment^_^ because its cool! im from uk! yeeeeh!!! anyways..great news!!! *grins*

  5. Mama b'long Limeybrit Says:

    We were thrilled to hear your news from A & Q and the early photos were lovely to see. Trust all continues well and we’ll check back for more pics periodically. Is there likely to be one of Auntie Rosemary’s wedding??? Trust that was a wonderful occasion for you all too.